The country is full of melting and contrasting views, which provide tourists with a unique spectacle. This ancestral land relies on a symbiosis between sea and desert, waterfalls and Sahara area, moderate climate in the South and great heat in the North.

Mostly known internationally for its football/soccer and music, it is the country of Roger Milla, J. A. Bell, Patrick M'boma and Samuel Eto'o. It is also home to Manu Dibango and Richard Bona. The world cup 2010's official song "Waka Waka" by Shakira is a remix of a cameroonian song by the group "Zangalewa".

Cameroon is a land of peace and stability. The people of Cameroon are known for their hospitality and kindness towards foreigners. It is a country with a perfect harmony between the English-speaking population and the French-speaking population. There is total harmony between its Christian and Muslim populations.


Mount Cameroon Race Of Hope
An international sporting event up to the summit of Mount Cameroon, 4 100m above sea level, it is the second highest mountain in Africa.

Ngondo Cultural Festival
An annual event when the Duala people perform cultural and traditional rytes. The main focus been the retrieval of the sacred pot from the sea.

Bamoun Cultural Festival (Ngouon)
This event brings together the Bamoun people, it is organized once every two years. The date can not be known in advance. However it is organized in December of the even years, e.g, December 2012, December 2014, December 2016, etc.